Professional Roach control is a very important part of pest control. It takes years of proper experience and training to know how and where to treat for roaches. Here at Bugs No More Exterminating and Pest Control, we treat all kinds of roach problems.

The most common is the German cockroach which can breed very fast in a years time. Here are some facts about the German cockroach. One female German cockroach can have approximately five egg capsules a year. In one egg capsule, there can be anywhere from 35 to 40 roaches and that’s just in one capsule.

At Five egg capsules a year that adds up to around 200 roaches from one bug. That’s a Lot of roaches. Most home and business owners tend to buy over the counter products like foggers or bombs as they like to call them. Foggers usually tend to just irritate roaches and cause them to run making the problem a lot worse.

Bugs No More Exterminating’ can help you to keep them out! Contact us for professional advice.


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