Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs are becoming a real problem for many people. Any time of the year stink bugs can show up in and around homes and businesses.  A small infestation of stink bugs can easily be controlled with a solution of soapy warm or hot water.

A heavier infestation of stink bugs though means a call for professional help. At Bugs No More Exterminating we take an aggressive approach to Stink bug control by doing a power spray outside. It doesn’t take long before we can have a heavy stink bug infestation dying off quickly. Crack and crevice to the outside and inside windows and doors is also done using a good residual pest control product. We try to focus on areas that Stink Bugs have invaded in homes and businesses.

Integrated Pest Management is another tool we also use. Offering customers advice on ways to caulk and seal off any open areas where Stink Bugs appear. Integrated pest control along with a good treatment is the best way to battle Stink Bugs. Any type of open area is a good way for this bad smelling pest to enter a building. At Bugs-No-More Exterminating we provide a great treatment and professional recommendations to help control and rid customers of this problem.

The youtube video below provides a good background on Stink Bugs. PS The fingernail pictured below is someone else’s, not mine.

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