Bed Bug Control and Exterminating

Bed Bug Control and Exterminating

Bed bugs have got to be the #1 most unwanted problem in the pest control industry. That’s not to imply that customers are okay with ants or spider’s but, Bed bugs immediately send fear through everyone.

In the last 10 or 12 years, bed bugs have become the number one industry pestin my opinion. Most homeowners immediately run out and buy cans of fogger to set off. This is not likely to solve your problem as bedbugs have become resistant to over the counter pesticides.

One of the most common questions my office gets is why are they so bad? The answer to that question is because now more than ever people travel a lot and the problem spreads with the movement of people. Unlike lice and ticks, bedbugs prefer to travel in luggage or clothing. They do not like heat, even body heat. They only get on your body to feed.

The best way to get control of a bed bug problem is inspection, preparation, and treatment of course. In some cases, customers with larger commercial buildings and businesses may want to employ the use of bed bug detection dogs to inspect larger facilities. The dogs are trained to actually detect the scent of bed bugs.

Most homeowners of course already know where the problems are and may not necessarily need to use the detection dogs. It takes preparation and proper treatment to gain control and eliminate a bed bug problem.

When it comes to treating bed bugs the most important thing is obviously preparation and training the customer how things should be prepared. One of the main reasons bed bug problems are so costly to treat is because of how widespread they become in a structure. Often times it can take a significant amount of treatment along with the right chemicals to gain control.

It’s not out of the question to do the initial treatment and maybe two or three follow-ups for bed bug control. It takes a significant amount of time to go through a structure and treat for bed bugs because of all the locations they can be hiding.

This subject is obviously one that can be talked about more in future blogs. Along with the re-emergence of bed bugs, there are many myths that go along with them. It is always best to consult an expert.

I hope it was helpful though and provides some insight. Give us a call 717-872-1989 


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