Have you had enough of those pesky house ants?

Have you had enough of those pesky house ants?

House ants (also known as pavement ants) have become a pervasive problem among homeowners and businesses alike! It seems like every year it gets worse in the Lancaster and South Central PA area. This year is no exception for people battling this pest.

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You often notice house ants are trailing outside around your house. These ants are foraging for food and shelter. Normally House Ants are found in soil that is coarse, granular, sandy or gritty in nature.

Sidewalk antsUsual areas where they can be seen in large numbers are patios and walkways, hence the name pavement ants. Ants enter buildings through cracks in foundation walls and interior slabs. Since Pennsylvania has harsh winters and warm summers these concrete foundations are prone to cracking. That gives the ant a clear way into your home. Homeowner’s, Landlord’s and Renters often experience problems with small ants. Where there is moisture or a water drainage problem outside you will find them. Ants are naturally attracted to damp areas.

The workers forage for food to take back to the queen and the young. The cleanest house cannot escape small crumbs of food, grease etc., that will attract the worker ants. It’s common for several ants to accidentally find their way into your house. This creates a trail that other ants will soon follow. Then, in no time, the problem has escalated out of control.

I find that customers often make the mistake of buying an over the counter aerosol and spray for them. House ants react badly to Common aerosols and it often makes the problem worse as the ants start to Trail into other new areas of kitchens and bathrooms throughout the house. That is when exterminators, like myself, will get a phone call from a customer that is having problems and needs control immediately.

It is a good idea to start a preventive maintenance service early in the spring or summer. The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true. Spring and early summer are when house ants and other pests gain a foothold. Once you have an infestation it is more difficult, and consequently more expensive, to correct.

Ant Bait TrailsThe best method for control of house ants is a long-acting no odor capsulated liquid residual that works extremely well on ants and pests. At Bugs No More Exterminating it’s also common to use a no odor non-toxic ant eradicator that house ants will take back to their nest.

Most companies do not have the experience or proper training at baiting for ants. They simply put out small round ant baits, or hockey pucks as I call them, that you buy at the store.

For over 30 years Don Whitesel at Bugs No More Exterminating has been providing premium control for house ants and other pests. So, if you’re playing with too many house ants why not save yourself the trouble and give Bugs No More Exterminating a call for professional Pest Control service.

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