Pest Control for Autumn and Winter

Pest Control for Autumn and Winter

Along with the cooler fall/winter weather also comes unwanted visitor’s for the holidays! Spiders and Mice often appear when they come in from the outside.

With over thirty years of experience in pest and termite control, a maintenance program at Bugs No More Exterminating it is the best way to start gaining control.

Whether the pest is as small or big, your best defense against pests is sealing off their entry points into your house.

Few tips:

  • Evaluate the Exterior
  • Focus on Windows and Doors
  • Put Screens on Vents
  • Control Your Garden
  • Double-Check Repairs
  • Monitor the Enemy
  • Know When to Leave it to a Professional

‘Bugs No More Exterminating’ can help you to keep them out! Contact us for professional advice.


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