In the first three warms, months of spring Termites become very active both inside and outside. It’s important to know the difference between Termites Swarmers and Flying Ants.

Often times during a Termite swarm the floor will be full of flying termites and loose wings which is a sure sign of a series problem. On the outside of a home or business often times Termites can be found just under the mulch or a rock lying nearby.

The warmer spring months make Termites very active in the ground and they start to move towards the surface. It important to be able to tell what Termites look like and if there’s a problem that needs taken care of.

The illustration below will help customers learn more about what to look for. We will continue to update this post with more information to help our customers learn what to look for.

The Guide below will help explain the difference between Termite Swarmers and Flying Ants.

Termite Swarmers

  • Termite swarmers are 1/4 inch in length including wings.
  • (Wing length is ¼ inch but the body length is only about 1/8 inch)
  • Two sets of wings and both sets equal in length
  • Straight antennas
  • Two body sections

Termite swarmers usually lose their wings after appearing.

Flying Ants

  • Two sets of wings but, both sets are a different length
  • The wings are not much longer than the body and tent-shaped
  • Elbowed antennas
  • Three body sections

Ants don’t typically lose their wings after appearing.


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